Ever since i was young i remember looking at credit cards or debit cards or any bank card for that matter and loving the graphics they put on them. Each one was unique to a person for such a long time, it almost formed part of their identity. As i got older and got cards for myself i developed attachements to my favourite credit card graphics. Here i look to share some of the most inspiring, artistic and beautiful bank card designs i have seen.
Im a huge fan of american express credit cards, platinum credit cards, gold credit cards, limitless credit cards. You know the deal. Any bank account that falls under those expensive credit card brackets you can expect to find info on here.
Follow me for unique and valuable credit card updates.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Todays theme is blue credit cards!

Blue is such a relaxing color. It always suits credit cards, that smooth regal color looks so appealing on a credit card. Calm and chilled but not showing off.

Here is one smooth credit card. Two different shades of blue on one credit card and a simplistic design. This credit card design is very popular, many credit cards mimic it to some varying degree.

The classic planet setup; this credit card is remarkable. Like the previous post this credit card is a classic and copied around the globe.

A darker shade of blue and a unique take on the globe themed credit card. This adds a three-dimensional feel to the credit card view.

Heres my favourite of the day. This credit card gives a nice full spectrum view of the globe but adding that intimate closeness with the addition of mountains. Spectacular view, it takes your breath away. A brilliant credit card!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Just one a couple credit cards today, ill plan a new themed update soon. Check out this interesting credit card, very nice design. Black on gold always looks nice on a credit card.

Fitting in with the whole "royal wedding" theme of the day check out this very royale credit card. BK crown card, god knows what this credit card would pay for but it sure is classy. Amazing credit card.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Eco themed credit cards today!

The Theme today is green or eco-friendly, the color of money and color of these credit cards!

Like most of these credit cards there is a strong eco theme and this credit card doesnt disapoint.

This credit card showcases some wonderful scenary, the shimmering light through the trees is sure to excite any close watching bankers.
These two credit cards take it a step further, especially the top one. Directly showing alt-energy sources, teh credit card shows your a man who thinks about their money.

Finally, a credit card that encompasses the overall message of money and the theme of these credit cards. That is the world, more valuable than money, credit cards, banks, a visa etc.

Hope you guys enjoyed this update, ill be back tomorrow with more credit cards. Again suggestions of themes are welcomed, theres a theme of credit card for everyone out there and i hope i can find it for you.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Black and white credit card

Furthering with my themed updates here are some very photographic credit cards.
Black and white really captures the essence of a photograph and some of these credit cards are truly beautiful.

Very subtle but incredible. This credit card is rather breathtaking. The trees and the black and white. So expensive, so rich, just an all round nice credit card.

While some colors exist in this credit card, it still captures the same strong imagery of the latter.

One of my favourite credit cards so far. i wish i could walk into a bank with one of these, simplicity at its best.

I hope you all enjoyed this credit card update. Remember to leave your thoughts on the credit cards and ill get back to you, suggested credit card themes are always welcome.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Orange themed credit cards?

It seems people enjoy the more structured credit card blog posts i make, with previous credit cards being focusing on american express, amex, cats etc.
I thought just to try out my blog ill focus on posting credit cards of a specific theme, well todays theme is orange.
These are some really nice credit cards.

Two very nice clean orange credit cards. I really like these cards, very simplistic with that suttle design to keep them interesting.

While its not stricty the color i thought i would post a credit card we all relate to the brand.
The matted black really makes this credit card stand out from the crowd, the banks will remember you.

So let me know what you think of these credit cards, keep me updated on your thoughts.
If theres any specific credit card themes you would like to see let me know.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Two very nice american express credit cards

After a great response from my red american express credit card post i thought i would track down some other interesting amex cards.
Ive posted gold, platinume, silver and black variants of the american express credit card, so i looked up some harder to find colors.
Here we have a green tinted credit card. Looks really cool, matches the color of the money in your wallet so it should look good on anyone. I do wonder what bank account you require to get hold of this credit card.

Here we have a blue amex credit card. It ditches the usual american express design for a slightly more modern approach to credit cards while still being branded with the amex logo. Possibly a debit card for younger bank account owners? a savings account possibly?

Either way these are all very nice credit cards, which of these two would you prefer?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Cat related credit cards

Who loves their cat?
Such awesome creatures, i love felines.
What better way to show your love than through your wallet, bank account and credit card?

Well here is some credit cards.

My blog is for all people from all walks of life with all types of credit card. Cat credit cards apply.
Sorry if this isnt quite for your taste of credit card but im sure you will find some credit cards in teh future and my past blog posts.

Anyway, just a little extra credit card, i wonder if this is actually real....

 Would be a pretty cool credit card right?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Slick and smooth futuristic platinum credit card

Check it out, it looks like the type of credit card you would find on the starship enterprise. Such a futuristic looking credit card. Its apparently got a really nice reflective coating which truly makes that platinum quality sparkle. Show the banks you mean business with your money, literally rack up some debts with this badboy.

Friday, 22 April 2011

An eclective selection of credit cards.

Today i have found some rather unusual credit cards but i like them all the same.
Tattoos, crushed up cash and a neon love heart.
Three really cool credit cards in their own special way. Which of these would you like to pay for things with?
Im sure banks get quite the shock/surprise.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pimping out your credit card?

Having seen many designs of credit card and more to come in the future, would you ever like to pimp your credit card?
Have you got a particularly nice looking credit card?
Or perhaps you would like a new one completely?

How important is a credit cards look to you?

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

a credit card to celebrate 4/20

Special thanks to Zombie over at http://zombehseverywhereman.blogspot.com/
He made a comment about yesterdays credit card being "just in time for 420" the marijuana day of celebration. So i figured a weed related credit card was in order.

Im sure many of you "bloggers" will love this credit card.

 Green like money

This quite clearly isnt a credit card but its a cool design for a medical marijuana card. A bank probably wouldnt accept it but its probably worth alot of money to the right person ;)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Trippy credit card

I only have one credit card for you guys today, sorry. The reason is im planning a much larger credit card update filled with lots of money making and credit card goodness. Keep following for this in the next few days. Until then check out this trippy credit card. It feels like your being sucked into the credit cards plastic. It gave me moving sickness.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Thanks for the feedback yesterday guys, now for some credit cards

After a great response ill look over my blog and see if i can make any changes.
For now ill do my usual update of stylish credit cards.

Something about this credit card is really cool. The credit card is quite simple but the suttle design i think is really nice and expensive looking. A damn nice credit card.

Cant say im a huge fan of the sport but this is a pretty sweet credit card for those that are. What better way to show your love for the game than having a credit card like this in your pocket!

Such a beutiful cityscape. Now immortalised in this credit card, the colors really make it pop. This would be a fantastic credit card to own.

Thats all for today, ill be back tomorrow as usual. Keep using your credit cards; keep spending money and keep following for more updates!

Nelly - Tip drill

Sunday, 17 April 2011

General credit card post today

Only one card for you guys to day, a pretty funky zebra credit card.

Sorry for the low-res. But this credit card has a really nice vibe to it, the zebra style brings that world culture to your credit card, wallet and bank.

So i would like to take this time to ask you guys, what do you think about my credit card blog?
Have you spotted any credit cards you would like to own, maybe you already own?
Any ideas on future credit card, money, bank etc. related articles or posts i can make or you would like to see?

Give me some feedback!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Check out this fancy credit card

An american express red credit card. pretty cool eh?
Apparently its part of some charity initiative in the uk. All i know is this credit card looks really cool. Mixes it up from the usual AMEX credit cards. Dontchathink?

Friday, 15 April 2011

Possibly the worst credit card of all time?

Simply a shit credit card, for everything it represents. I think you will all agree.

one of the worst credit cards ever. i hate the bank that made this
do you all agree on this credit card?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

A collection of nicely designed platinum credit cards

Thought id mix it up and specifically post some platinum credit cards. These are all great, let me know whats your favourite?

I think all these platinum credit card designs are quite appealign. They all look smooth and fresh for a credit card. The bank took a suttle approach with these credit cards and it works.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Short update today, one sweet credit card however

Real busy as of late so todays ive only got time for one credit card but expect more tomorrow

Let me know what you think about this credit card.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Google Credit Card?

Not quite sure how you get hold of these credit cards, maybe employees?

With google being a huge business, world renowned it would be pretty badass having one of these credit cards to pay for stuff with.
Pretty cool design for a credit card as well, even if you ignore the logo, the pattern in the background is slick and smooth. Beautiful credit card. Perhaps we will see the Bank Of Google in the future?

Monday, 11 April 2011

Weird but strangely cool credit card

This credit card is strange, i assume theres an explanation or its part of some company but anyways

I have no idea what BooYah is but its awesome.
Credit cards are damn cool. Some have really basic graphics, video games etc. some just hit you with amazing expensive and simple designs. Recently ive foudn some really strange credit cards but this one takes the cake.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Beautiful gold credit card

it seems in asia they love these fancy yet simplistic credit card designs.

Not too sure what any of it means but the credit card is a joy to look at.
Seems to be gold only and rightly so, this is a credit card for those breaking the bank.
True indeed

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Strange credit card?

Seriously strange, whats up with this credit card. I have no idea who made this credit card but its kind of creepy in way. I wouldnt like this credit card in my wallet; at all!

Friday, 8 April 2011

The coolest credit card i have seen

This is no doubt the greatest credit card i have seen, literally the credit card of credit cards in my eyes.

Whipping out this credit card is surely one of the most badass ways of spending your money.
It makes me think does Batman himself use a credit card?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

After looking for more gaming credit cards...

I found these by Capcom, seems japanese developers love to make credit card of their characters.

What does everyone think? I think these credit cards are really cool, what better way to spend money than by showing off a hobby of yours. Amazing banks.
Any franchises you would like to have on your credit card?
Favourite of these credit cards?

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gaming credit card

Gaming related credit cards seem to be the most popular, not only in terms of public opinion but in terms of these cool custom designs. Interesting. I wonder what it is abotu these credit cards that attract alot of attention?
Why is it this hobby brings in the most credit cards, alot of gaming bankers maybe?

Either way this credit card is awesome, simple but flawless. Like money.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Check out this awesome gold credit card

This credit card is amazing, standard gold account beauty.

From some Dubai bank; the credit card is so stylish. The graphics really show the expense and value of this account. The black into gold is incredible. Master Card sure did a number on this credit card design.

Is it just me or do gold accounts always get the best looking credit cards?

Monday, 4 April 2011

Just an interesting credit card and money stat

Are you a victim of carrying credit card money debt?

Is your bank on your ass?

just found this stat and thought i would share, ill be back in the morning for my regular daily update. Stay tuned money grabbers