Ever since i was young i remember looking at credit cards or debit cards or any bank card for that matter and loving the graphics they put on them. Each one was unique to a person for such a long time, it almost formed part of their identity. As i got older and got cards for myself i developed attachements to my favourite credit card graphics. Here i look to share some of the most inspiring, artistic and beautiful bank card designs i have seen.
Im a huge fan of american express credit cards, platinum credit cards, gold credit cards, limitless credit cards. You know the deal. Any bank account that falls under those expensive credit card brackets you can expect to find info on here.
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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Are you feeling lucky with your money?

Recently i discovered a fantastic set of credit cards, made by none other than those at Discovery Card. These are all amazing, they tend to focus on nature, environments, creatures etc. They are all really nice designs so i may update you with some of my favourite credit cards from this bank.

The inspiration for this updates title. Very nice credit card colors, the money green compliments a credit card so well, dont you think?
Obviously the 4 leaved clover represents luck, i hope you have luck with your credit rate with this bad boy! Must be so tempting to spend all that earned cash with this credit card, always feeling lucky!