Ever since i was young i remember looking at credit cards or debit cards or any bank card for that matter and loving the graphics they put on them. Each one was unique to a person for such a long time, it almost formed part of their identity. As i got older and got cards for myself i developed attachements to my favourite credit card graphics. Here i look to share some of the most inspiring, artistic and beautiful bank card designs i have seen.
Im a huge fan of american express credit cards, platinum credit cards, gold credit cards, limitless credit cards. You know the deal. Any bank account that falls under those expensive credit card brackets you can expect to find info on here.
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Friday, 14 January 2011

A couple of feminine credit cards to compare

Ill do my usual evening update later, for now have a look at these nicely detailed credit cards. This edition will showcase some credit cards designed with girls in mind. I must say these are some fanstastic credit cards, as usual!

 Some people love big name expensive brand and this is just the one! Dolce & Gabana (sp?). Shows off that expensive credit card bill you have and the wad load of cash you can withdraw. Banks love this shit!
A more relaxed compared to the debit cards ive posted in teh past. This credit card still remains stylish though. Nice whirls of pinks and purples. Banks probably enjoy this one. Again, great to show off the amount of money you have!

So theres some great cards for women, lots of credit on those. I wonder if they automatically withdraw your hard earned cash from your bank account automatically?


  1. I really like the second one more than the first one. I am not really a fan of patterns like the ones on the first card.
    And your joke. XD I hope those cards don't do that... Because then all the ladies and their BF's would be screwed.

  2. nice cards. not a great market though, women shouldn't be withdrawing cash.

  3. Haha nice joke at the end, cant say those cards are my type tho!

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