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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Found this little credit card joke

Classic credit card gag, banks hate these. Well American Express bank hates this, other banks probably love it.
Anyone else have any credit card related jokes or funny stories, to do with money, banks, credit etc.?

Sorry for the weak update, im really busy today. Ill try to squeeze in time to get back to all responses later.


  1. My parents used American Express for a while, and that joke just seems so true.
    But I can't blame businesses for not accepting them, given AmEx's rewards policy.

  2. I would not do anywhere without my amex

  3. I've never worked at a venue where they actually accept American Express.

  4. your blog reminds me of this dude who had the gayest credit card. i worked at a restaurant and a group of guys would come in for lunch everyday, and i always had to keep from bursting out in laughter every time he came in. i knew it was coming too which made it even funnier.

    cool idea for a blog nonetheless. check mine out

  5. Costco accepts american express. It seems all places that cater towards the upper middle class and higher seem to accept them. -___-
    I hate their policy though...

  6. UK lad here so obviously we don't accept it :p

  7. great blog followed! check out my blog at www.samboism.blogspot.com

    so true i always have to use my other card...