Ever since i was young i remember looking at credit cards or debit cards or any bank card for that matter and loving the graphics they put on them. Each one was unique to a person for such a long time, it almost formed part of their identity. As i got older and got cards for myself i developed attachements to my favourite credit card graphics. Here i look to share some of the most inspiring, artistic and beautiful bank card designs i have seen.
Im a huge fan of american express credit cards, platinum credit cards, gold credit cards, limitless credit cards. You know the deal. Any bank account that falls under those expensive credit card brackets you can expect to find info on here.
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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Evening update, some fancy bank cards for rich people!

Sorry for the weak update earlier, i was in a rush. Ill take the credit for that. Get it? Credit?
Ok so ive largely stuck with the video game bank credit cards here, people seem to love them.

 Every money maker's favourite guy, Mario! Its from some Japanese money bank, no idea on the specifics but it clearly reads CASH CARD so it fits the bill for a credit card blog.
 PLAYSTATION!? ON MY VISA CARD?! Man, best thing ever. I want to belong to the bank that cashes and prints these cards. Way to love a brand.
Just to mix it up a Barack Obama card, no idea how real this is. But it looks great, i bet hes got alot of money alot of cash, alot of bank accounts and a hell of a lot of credit cards and debit cards.

That should do for today, remember, i love feedback on these debit cards so let me know what you all think. 
Has your bank ever given you a particularly cool credit card? 
Do you like to use a specific bank card when you spend your money?
Its always nice to hear thoughts. Keep making money followers!


  1. I like the super mario cash card.
    I know Sanrio does cash cards (credit cards) for Japan and also does debit/credit cards for the U.S.A.

  2. feeling the playstation one. but yet again it's got the mario brothers to compete with.

  3. I like the Mario card, I'd like to see more video game cards. My bank gives boring blue cards

  4. sweet credit cards. I didnt know they could be so awesome! i want one o_o