Ever since i was young i remember looking at credit cards or debit cards or any bank card for that matter and loving the graphics they put on them. Each one was unique to a person for such a long time, it almost formed part of their identity. As i got older and got cards for myself i developed attachements to my favourite credit card graphics. Here i look to share some of the most inspiring, artistic and beautiful bank card designs i have seen.
Im a huge fan of american express credit cards, platinum credit cards, gold credit cards, limitless credit cards. You know the deal. Any bank account that falls under those expensive credit card brackets you can expect to find info on here.
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Thursday, 20 January 2011


This credit card always cheers me up. A smiley face to welcome your money, wallet, credit card and banker. Such a nice little credit card.

To have a smiley face on your credit card can really lighten up your day. Inputting those credit card numbers for a loss doesnt seem so bad, its there to cheer you up!


  1. :)
    It makes everything a little bit better.

  2. Simple, but cheerful. I like it! Now if only we could stop associating Walmart with white trash, maybe I'd use this card...

  3. It'd cheer me up 'til I get my balance.

  4. i wish there was a walmart in tahoe

  5. I was offered a sign-up form for one of these when i was at the check-out.. so i looked at the lady and said "a wal mart credit card? that's the worst fucking idea i've ever heard". she looked horrified